Treeware is a style of software distribution similar to Postcardware, distributed by the author on the condition that users buy the author a tree.

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How Treeware Works?

We have partnered with Ecologi who plant trees & fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions.

1. Open Source Package

You have an open source package and you would like to help support a sustainable future. You continue to offer your package under your current licence (e.g. MIT).

2. Add Treeware

Update your file to include our Treeware "conditions of use" text. This will provide people with a way to buy trees for the Treeware Forest on Ecologi.

3. Watch our forest grow!

When people use your package we hope they will support you by buying the world a few trees. In turn you’ll help to accelerate our transition to a sustainable future.

“I've recently noticed a trend of people adding methods of accepting payment to their open source packages. I definitely think there is a place for this but it did not seem right for the small packages I have released. I love the idea of Postcardware, but it did not seem like the right fit for me. When I read about the work Phil Sturgeon has done with Ecologi regarding raising awareness of climate change, this was a huge inspiration to me. I started to wonder how I could do my bit for the environment, and then it hit me: Treeware was born.”

James Mills


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The Treeware "conditions of use"

Below is "conditions of use" generator which you can use to generate for your project by adding owner/package_name.

" We’re amassing a collective of packages built by awesome people in all corners of the world who want to use their skills to have a direct impact on climate action. "

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi